Pioneering Innovation

Founded in 2001, Aliaswire has been specializing in fintech since before the term was coined. Our founder, Hoss Mohsenzadeh, was a fearless visionary. Early in his career, he founded Risk-ware Systems, which specialized in financial risk management for massive global enterprises. Hoss continued to innovate at Aliaswire, which has received more than 20 patents, as well as numerous industry awards, for new payments technology.

Today, we honor Hoss’ legacy by developing and commercializing technologies that improve payment systems around the globe. Our team of world-class technologists designs solutions that prioritize privacy and data security while optimizing the way business pays and gets paid.

Intellectual property

Over our 20-year history, three core areas represent the heart of our intellectual property in payment innovation:


  • Aliasing a financial account to facilitate peer-to-peer payments and protect privacy.
  • Designing customized payment experiences.
  • Transforming a small business credit card into a financial management tool.