Aliaswire’s Board of Directors sets the strategic direction for Aliaswire’s business operations. By utilizing an experienced group of directors with a diverse set of skills and experience, Aliaswire is able to competitively position itself in the marketplace.


Scott Shaw

President & COO, Kessler Group

At the Kessler Group, Scott Shaw is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the business, overseeing relationships with outside investors as well as spearheading a range of corporate-wide projects. Scott also develops and manages new financial service partnerships and annuity income streams by extending client capabilities into areas such as credit card, consumer loans, payments, enhancement services, risk syndication, etc. while helping drive complex workout situations with Howard Kessler and the Kessler M&A team. He holds a BS degree in biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire.


Guli Arshad

Principal, Nuland and Arshad, Inc.

Guli Arshad has over 25 years of experience in the investment field. Prior to founding Nuland & Arshad, Inc., he worked as a management consultant, real estate advisor, technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is also active in the non-profit area as a former trustee of the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School and The American International School of Florence. He currently sits on the board of the Family Nurturing Center and Gateways Arts as well as several private technology boards. Arshad graduated from Oberlin College and holds two master’s degrees from Harvard University including an MBA.