While there are many payment service providers that offer simple, basic payment processing API’s, these providers do not fit the need of mid-size and enterprises that have more complex payment needs.  Aliaswire’s Web service API’s provides full-service payment capabilities to the Enterprise market that solves unique payment challenges of vertical markets.  Aliaswire’s integrated API solutions provides essential payment processing capabilities combined with back office integration, complex remittance processing and interchange cost controls.

Aliaswire API’s provide advanced payment capabilities beyond basic authorization and settlement that include:

  • multiple divisions payment remittance rules
  • customized payment workflows
  • payments combined with business data
  • rule-based surcharge and convenience fee processing and remittance
  • Consolidated reconciliation and settlement reporting across multiple divisions
  • Advanced ACH processing with exception handling
  • Interchange cost management with TranSentives processing
  • Payment plan processing for recurring payments with blackout dates
  • Event-triggered payment workflow with automatic payment processing
  • Secure agent portal to support inbound and outbound call center operations
  • Customizable end-user pay page workflows with responsive page design
  • Optional Merchant Services with full underwriting of credit card and ACH

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