Healthcare companies have unique challenges in providing the bill presentment and online/mobile payments. Aliaswire’s DirectBiller provides the tools that healthcare companies need to deliver billing/invoicing details through multiple channels to reach customers wherever they are. By suppressing paper bills and supporting automatic, recurring billing, healthcare companies can produce critical savings while affording customers the convenience of electronic billing.

Aliaswire’s DirectBiller solution integrates effortlessly into your existing technology platform, as well as your business processes. DirectBiller supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for effortlessly transitioning customers from healthcare websites/systems of record to DirectBiller’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). As a completely configurable and customizable environment, DirectBiller can be tailored to support intelligent convenience fees and other unique payment flows while presenting a user interface that matches your brand and styling.

Convenience and flexibility isn’t provided with a sacrifice in security or scalability. DirectBiller scales to meet the most demanding challenges, while excelling at the most demanding security standards compliance, such as HIPAA.

When you look for healthcare billing and payment solutions, put your trust in the most flexible, secure and capable solution – DirectBiller.