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Aliaswire takes a versatile approach toward payments
to help companies create value for themselves and their customers

Aliaswire provides a single integration point into software systems for any payment product and acceptance method to develop new payment experiences.  We make it easy for partners to scale how payments are processed across platforms and points of engagement with maximum integration options so they may achieve success faster.

Build a New Payer Experience

Aliaswire delivers tailored made solutions, supported by a network of partnerships, to enable you to quickly implement a secure payment solution and support your payments business needs.
From semi-integrated and fully hosted solutions to gateway solutions, we provide a highly scalable, advanced platform, tools and comprehensive support to maximize your payments capability and achieve a highly differentiated end-user payment experience.

Integrated Payments

Aliaswire’s multi-faceted, integrated payments technology offers partners customized solutions to solve business challenges and create new opportunities. Let Aliaswire help you expand your business capabilities, increase revenue and enhance your customers’ experience. Our payments technology evolves to support changing market requirements and the growth of your business no matter how small or big.


    PayVox™ is Aliaswire’s electronic bill payment solution designed exclusively for prepaid cardholders. Prepaid card program managers and processors can offer a fully integrated and branded bill payment service to their cardholders. Cardholders can use their payroll cards or general spending cards to make payments to national and regional merchants using web or voice.


      TranCentives™ is a patented, incentive-based, tender type steering and interchange optimization platform that enables billers to provide their customers with incentives to choose cards with lower interchange costs.

      • Real-time integration at the point of purchase
      • Calculates cost of an individual transaction and offers the customer incentives to switch to a lower cost payment method
      • Incentives are defined by the merchant and can range from discounts and coupons to loyalty points and complimentary products and services

      For recurring payments and repeat customers, switching payment types to lower costs payment methods can optimize interchange costs and result in dramatic savings for the merchant.

      Aliaswire Innovation Lab

       A Commitment to R&D and  Advancing Payments

      Aliaswire invests in its technology with a focus on driving payments innovation and help companies get and stay ahead. We take a value-driven and lean approach to system improvements and the development of transformational solutions as part of an ongoing commitment to evolve the payments experience.

      From ideation to testing proof of concepts, Aliaswire’s Innovation Lab embodies the culture of payments innovation that drives Aliaswire’s compelling solutions and services. The Innovation Lab supports the development of our intelligent and unbridled methodologies in developing, inhouse and with partners, next-gen payment technologies to address challenges, create new business opportunities and help partners meet their objectives.


      Aliaswire supports the development of innovative payment solutions with developer toolkits, testing and user-friendly, flexible payment integration methods. Aliaswire provides developers with quality support to ensure the best possible experience and knowledge transfer.

      • Reduce Cost
      • Simplify integration efforts with client or partner projects 
      • Shorten and accelerate development cycle time