The Peoples PayVus® *Visa Business Card1

  A card that lets you grow your business not your debt


The traditional credit solutions you depend on to run and build your small business, generally involve incurring large a mounts of debt  and paying high interest fees, which impact your ability to reinvest in your business. PayVus® allows you to establish credit and increase your spending and saving power without increasing your debt.  


Annual Fee: $50  |  Purchase Rate: 19%  |
Cash Advance Rate: 22.99% |  Additional Card: $9.99 (max. of 9 additional cards)


This PayVus  *Visa Business Card is Good for a Business Owner Who:

  • Benefit for up to a $10,000 line of credit 
  • Manage cash flow automatically and easy and build credit
  • Avoid paying interest on credit purchases and avoid monthly bills
  • Simplify business operations through powerful expense management tools and employee card controls

A simple and revolutionary way to improve your cash flow and reinvest in your business

  •  With PayVus you simply designate a portion of  your customers’ credit card funds to be automatically deposited into your PayVus account each day. Those funds are immediately available along with your line of credit. The remaining funds go into your business bank account.


  • Funds are available to spend on all the things you need to run your business. Because your PayVus business account receives regular direct deposits, it’s possible to pay no interest on purchases.


  • With PayVus its easy to grow your savings and increase your credit limit over time, without building more and more debt.



PayVus  Rewards

Traditional card reward programs have limits on rewards whereas PayVus has no limit on savings.

  • Cash back rewards of 150 BPS
  • Lower annual fee
  • Additional employee cards at a nominal fee of $9.99 

Insurance & Protection

Emergency Cash Disbursements

If you need an emergency cash disbursement for your PayVus Card, you can call Visa at 1-800-847-2911 (Canada and USA) or 1-800-847-2113 worldwide (such disbursements will be referred to as Emergency Cash Disbursements).

View Legal Disclaimers

Introduction: This XXXXXXX Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the secured line of credit we may extend to you, as amended from time to time. Your home equity line of credit shall be secured by a mortgage on the Property. You agree to pay back the money you borrow from us, and all interest owing on the money you borrow, according to the terms and conditions of this XXXXXXX Agreement, the Commitment, the Mortgage, the Standard Charge Terms or any other agreement you have entered into with us that is applicable to your XXXXXXX Account.


What the Words Mean: In this XXXXXXX Agreement, and elsewhere in the documents provided to you, please remember that:

“Access Card” and “*Visa Access Card” mean the Aliaswire *Visa Business Credit Card which is issued by Peoples Trust Company.

“Annual Cash Advance Plan Interest Rate” means the annual interest rate applicable to cash advances, which include XXXXXXX Cheque transactions, made under the XXXXXXX Account.

“Annual Special Plan Interest Rate” means the annual interest rate applicable to any Special Plans under the XXXXXXX Account.

“Annual Standard Plan Interest Rate” means the annual interest rate applicable to purchases and fees under the XXXXXXX Account.

“ATM” means an automated teller machine.

“Authorized Transaction” means any use of the XXXXXXX Account to purchase or lease goods and/or services, or make any other charges to the XXXXXXX Account, including a cash advance.

“Bank Account” means your personal deposit account at a Canadian financial institution from which amounts owing under the XXXXXXX Account may be withdrawn by us.

“Business Day” means a day other than a Saturday or a Sunday, on which the principal commercial banks in Toronto, Ontario are open for commercial banking business during normal banking hours.

“Commitment” means a document signed by you and Aliaswire Bank in which Aliaswire Bank commits to providing you with mortgage financing and this XXXXXXX Account. This XXXXXXX Agreement shall be read in conjunction with, and form part of, the Commitment.

“Customer Service” means assistance and customer care, available to resolve customer issues or answer questions or inquiries.

“Aliaswire”, “Aliaswire Bank”, “we”, “our” and “us” mean Aliaswire Bank.

“Aliaswire Prime Rate” means the annual rate of interest established from time to time by us as a reference rate then in effect for determining interest rates on Canadian dollar loans in Canada. The Aliaswire Prime Rate is posted on our website, If it is necessary for us to demonstrate the interest rate we charge you in effect at any time, you agree that a written certificate from us setting out the interest rate at that time is conclusive proof for that purpose.

“XXXXXXX” and “XXXXXXX Account” mean your home equity line of credit account with Aliaswire Bank.

“XXXXXXX Agreement” means this agreement, including any attached Schedules, and each other agreement, notice or other document forming part of this agreement or that relates to the loans described under this agreement.

“XXXXXXX Cheques” are the cheques issued by us to you to access your XXXXXXX Account.

“XXXXXXX Credit Limit” is the maximum amount you may borrow under this XXXXXXX Agreement.

“XXXXXXX Statement”, “Account Statement” and “Monthly Account Statement” mean the written statement of your XXXXXXX that we send to you.

“Interest Rate” and “Annual Interest Rate” mean the annual rate of interest (the Aliaswire Prime Rate plus an adjustment factor), expressed as a percentage, payable on this XXXXXXX Account, as indicated on your XXXXXXX Statement.

“Minimum Payment Due” means the minimum amount you must pay each month when you have an Outstanding Balance on your XXXXXXX Account, as indicated on your XXXXXXX Statement. This amount is subject to change from time to time and will be automatically debited from your Bank Account on the Payment Due Date each month.

“New Balance” means your XXXXXXX Account balance for any given billing period as set out on your XXXXXXX Statement, taking into account your previous period’s balance, any transactions conducted on the XXXXXXX Account in that period as well as interest, fees and charges incurred.

“Optional Mortgage Covenants” mean those optional mortgage covenants referenced in the registered charge/mortgage of land on the Property.

“Outstanding Balance” means the total amount that you have borrowed from us on your XXXXXXX Account (including, but not limited to amounts you have borrowed by withdrawing funds) plus all accrued interest and fees that you owe us that have not yet been paid, less all amounts that you have repaid to us.

“Payment Due Date” means the date on which your Minimum Payment Due under the XXXXXXX Account is due each month, as indicated on your XXXXXXX Statement.

“Special Plan” means any promotional, introductory or other offer we may extend to you from time to time, which you may accept, that temporarily lowers the interest rate applicable to certain portions of the amounts you owe under the XXXXXXX Account. For example, if we offer a lower interest rate on certain eligible XXXXXXX Cheques for three months, that is an example of a Special Plan.

“Standard Charge Terms” mean those standard mortgage terms or Optional Mortgage Covenants (as applicable), included in the registered charge/mortgage of land on the Property.

“Statement of Disclosure” means the disclosure we provided to you as required by the Bank Act (Canada) and its Regulations, which contains information about your cost of borrowing, including interest rates, other fees and payment amount and frequency.

“Total Debt” means the total amount you owe to us from time to time under this XXXXXXX Agreement and including any amendments or renewals. It is made up of the (i) the principal amount outstanding from time to time on each credit card, plus interest at the applicable Rate; (ii) the Outstanding Balance on your XXXXXXX Account; and (iii) all insurance premiums (if applicable), services fees and other fees, charges (including taxes) and amounts owing to us from time to time as described in this XXXXXXX Agreement or in other documentation you sign with us.

“You” and “your” mean each individual client, including any corporation, who is a borrower under this XXXXXXX Agreement, and includes successors, heirs and/or beneficiaries.


1. Credit Limit for your XXXXXXX Account and Available Credit
Your XXXXXXX Credit Limit is the maximum amount you may borrow under this XXXXXXX Agreement. It is set out in your Commitment and in the Statement of Disclosure provided to you.

Every time you use your XXXXXXX Account, the amount of money available to you under the XXXXXXX Credit Limit decreases. We calculate how much is available under the XXXXXXX Account by deducting the amount you owe us from the XXXXXXX Credit Limit. We will advise you of your available credit under the XXXXXXX Account as part of the XXXXXXX Statement that we send to you for your XXXXXXX Account.

You agree that we may, at our discretion, reduce or terminate your XXXXXXX Credit Limit without prior notice to you. Any reduction or termination of your XXXXXXX Credit Limit does not necessarily mean the termination of the XXXXXXX Account or any Mortgage Loan. If your XXXXXXX Credit Limit is decreased, all amounts owing to us in excess of the new XXXXXXX Credit Limit will become immediately payable and must be repaid to us without delay. We will not increase your XXXXXXX Credit Limit without your consent.

To accommodate your future borrowing needs, or at your request, we may register the card in an amount that exceeds the amount of your XXXXXXX Credit Limit.

You may, subject to our approval, re-borrow amounts repaid by you on a Mortgage Loan, in an amount that does not exceed the XXXXXXX Limit. You may have to sign a new agreement for the amount you re-borrow.

You agree that if we let you borrow more than your XXXXXXX Credit Limit, you are responsible for, and must pay on demand, the amount that exceeds the XXXXXXX Credit Limit, plus interest and fees.

You acknowledge that any XXXXXXX Account is made available to you in our sole discretion and we may terminate the XXXXXXX Account and/or demand payment of all amounts owing by you under this XXXXXXX Agreement or any amending agreement, at any time without prior notice to you, particularly, but without limiting our rights, upon a re-evaluation of your financial situation or if you are in default under this XXXXXXX Agreement, any amending agreement, or any other agreement with us.

You agree that our books and records shall be conclusive evidence of the amounts owing under your XXXXXXX Agreement and the interest rates applicable to the amounts owing.

2. Accessing and Using Your XXXXXXX Account
You can use the credit available, up to the amount of the XXXXXXX Credit Limit, to borrow from us by any method that we agree to, including:

(i) Access Card;
(ii) XXXXXXX Cheques; or
(iii) Any other method we authorize you to obtain an advance.

You must not use your XXXXXXX Account in any way that would cause the Outstanding Balance to exceed the XXXXXXX Credit Limit.

If more than one borrower signs the Commitment which incorporates this XXXXXXX Agreement (“Multiple XXXXXXX Borrowers”), any one of you can borrow money up to the amount of your XXXXXXX Credit Limit without the other’s consent. For further clarity, guarantors are not allowed to access the XXXXXXX Account.

You acknowledge that you will only use the XXXXXXX Cheques, the Access Card and the XXXXXXX Account generally, for personal, family or household purposes and only for valid and lawful Authorized Transactions. You will pay us for all transactions made using the XXXXXXX Account, including transactions made by a person authorized by you or non-permissible transactions. We may decline some transactions or refuse to pay XXXXXXX Cheques issued by you and we will not be liable for any losses suffered by you or any third person as a result of such denial or refusal. We will not be liable if a merchant, a business or an ATM does not accept your Access Card or any XXXXXXX Cheque for any reason. Your use of the XXXXXXX Account through the Access Card or XXXXXXX Cheques is always subject to any legal restrictions or regulations that the government or other applicable authority may impose.

Access Card: You may be provided with an Access Card in order to access your XXXXXXX Account. If you are provided with an Access Card, the Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time governing the use of the Access Card set out in Schedule 1, will apply to your use of the Access Card. Your use of the Access Card will be further evidence that you acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in Schedule 1. XXXXXXX Cheques: Once your XXXXXXX Account is approved, we will provide you with an initial set of XXXXXXX Cheques, free of charge. If you would like to request additional XXXXXXX Cheques, you can do so by calling XXXXXXXXXX. Please note that there is a fee associated with ordering additional XXXXXXX Cheques after the initial order that we send you for free. Additionally, please note that you may only write XXXXXXX Cheques in Canadian dollars. If there are Multiple XXXXXXX Borrowers, any one of them may sign a XXXXXXX Cheque without the other’s knowledge or consent.

We will issue XXXXXXX Cheques to each borrower on the XXXXXXX Account. You are responsible for safeguarding all XXXXXXX Cheques and you acknowledge that you will surrender all unused XXXXXXX Cheques immediately upon request from us.

It is your responsibility to notify us immediately if any XXXXXXX Cheques are lost or stolen to avoid liability for any transactions unauthorized by you. If you wish to dispute any XXXXXXX Cheque transaction or entry on your XXXXXXX Statement, you must provide written notice to us at Customer Service, Aliaswire Bank, XXXXXXXXXXXX (your address) as soon as possible after you notice such error. Do not send the notice on or with your payment. We must receive your notice no later than thirty (30) days of the date of the XXXXXXX Statement containing the disputed entry. We will acknowledge receipt of your written notice within thirty (30) days.

3. Charging You Interest on the XXXXXXX
Interest is initially charged at the Interest Rate set out in the Statement of Disclosure that was provided to you. The current Interest Rate will also be set out on your XXXXXXX Statement. Your Interest Rate will change automatically from time to time whenever the Aliaswire Prime Rate changes. Notice of any change to your Interest Rate will be provided in accordance with Section 15 of this XXXXXXX Agreement entitled “Changing the XXXXXXX Account”.

You must pay interest on all amounts you borrow under the XXXXXXX Account at the applicable Interest Rate both before and after any of the following events, if they occur:
• We ask you to pay the total amount you owe on the XXXXXXX Account;
• You fail to meet any of the terms of this XXXXXXX Agreement;
• You become bankrupt or insolvent or any one of you dies;
• You have legal action taken against you or any of your property or assets; or
• We receive a court order instructing you to pay us the money you owe; until all amounts owing are paid in full.

Note that we will not pay you any interest on any credit balances on your XXXXXXX Account.

Cash Advances: There is no interest-free grace period on cash advances, which include the use of XXXXXXX Cheques and any initial cash advance you received when you first opened the XXXXXXX Account and cash advances obtained through the use of the Access Card including, but not limited to, cash advances from ATMs. Interest will be charged on all cash advances beginning on the transaction date of the cash advance, at the Interest Rate shown on your XXXXXXX Statement.

Fees That Do Not Arise from Use of the Access Card: There is no interest-free grace period on fees that do not arise from use of the Access Card, including but not limited to the commitment fee, closing costs, XXXXXXX Cheque re-order fee, discharge statement fee, discharge processing fee and renewal fee. Interest will be charged on these fees beginning on the applicable transaction date at the Interest Rate shown on your XXXXXXX Statement.

4. How We Calculate Interest on the XXXXXXX
Interest is charged on your Outstanding Balance by multiplying the total Outstanding Balance on your XXXXXXX Account at the end of each day by the daily interest rate for the period in question. The daily interest rate is

  • Zero Liability
    Your PayVus *Visa Business Card is covered with *Zero Liability coverage, which provides protection for your business against unauthorized charges from misuse by your employees. It also gives you more security and peace of mind when you use your card for purchases. It safeguards you if there is any monetary loss resulting from fraudulent use of your Visa Card. Your liability is limited to zero upon notification from you of any unauthorized Visa Transactions. 

*Note: We may increase the amount of your liability for unauthorized Visa Transactions if we reasonably determine, based on our investigation, and substantial evidence, that a Cardholder was fraudulent or negligent in the handling of their account or the Card.



Cardholder Inquiries
For questions about your PayVus *Visa Business Card please call (833) 933-1646


Emergency Card Replacements
If you have lost or forgotten your PayVus *Visa Business Card and need an emergency replacement card please call (833) 933-1646


*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license by Peoples Trust Company
1 PayVus Visa Business Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to license by *Visa International