DirectBiller® Channel is the first and most complete solution available to channel partners that want to enable electronic invoice presentment and payments across a wide range of interfaces that includes web, IVR, in-person and mobile. DirectBiller can be marketed to billers by channel partners such as banks, remittance processors and  print-and-mail providers. Channel partners can create pre-configured packages for their billers and receive tools to provide implementation and support services.
DirectBiller is a self-service web solution that makes it possible for a company to quickly and easily present invoice information and accept electronic payments. DirectBiller provides self-registration, self-configuration, and a direct interface to load customer account and invoice data. Set-up and deployment is measured in hours, not months.

Key Features for Channel Partners

Multi-device support – DirectBiller supports web, voice and text channels

  • Rapid On-boarding – On-boarding tools enable billers to choose from a rich set of bill payment and presentment models and create a fully featured application in a matter of hours.
  • Add-on services – Add-on Services enable a biller to select additional services at implementation time, or to add these services later.
  • Robust Reliability and Scalability – Secure multiple-site redundant operation to enable 24x7x365 operations
  • Platform as a Service – Whereas many billing and payment solutions are built to service a single customer and then scaled for multiple clients, DirectBiller was built from the ground up as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that puts complete control over onboarding, configuration, customization, branding, programmable logic, and customer support directly at the fingertips of Aliaswire’s channel partner. This provides a complete outsourced solution that functions just like an in-house solution.
  • Reports and audit – Rich set of real time reports enabling biller staff to analyze usage, provide transaction-level support, and reconcile transactions

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Benefits for Channel Partners

  • Generate new revenue and tighter integrations with your clients.
  • Create Payment and Presentment Services for Billers in all verticals: Utilities, Government, Insurance, HOA, Financial Services, Non Profit, and many more.
  • Control the implementation and deployment of DirectBiller for your clients.
  • Improve your clients’ efficiency by letting them receive payments from Web, Mobile, Phone, and CSR/Agents all through one service.
  • Create new business models for your clients, allowing them to accept payments from credit, debit, and prepaid cards. DirectBiller can process convenience fees, service fees, or surcharge, in compliance with network rules.
  • Give your clients access to a comprehensive customer care platform with a complete audit trail of each representative’s activities.
  • Use Single Sign On or Web Services to capture payments to fully integrate bill payments into existing workflows and websites.