A Fully-Integrated Bill Payment Service
For Prepaid Card Program Processors

PayVox is Aliaswire’s electronic bill payment solution designed exclusively for prepaid cardholders. Prepaid card program managers and processors can offer a fully integrated and branded bill payment service to their cardholders. Cardholders can use their payroll cards or general spending cards to make payments to national and regional merchants using web or voice.

Features and Functions

  • Fully integrated with card processor system – providing cardholders with real-time balance information and immediate transaction confirmation.
  • Next Day Payments to more than 12,000 merchants – PayVox enables next-day delivery of electronic payments to more than 12,000 national and regional US merchants, using the largest electronic merchant directory in the US that includes all major Utilities, Lenders, Cable and Phone Providers, and Insurance Providers.
  • Pay Anyone – PayVox supports a Pay Anyone bill payment, allowing cardholders to make payments to Landlords, Healthcare Providers, Schools, and any business or individual who has a US Mailing Address.
  • Payee management – Cardholders can manage a Payee List. All payee information is validated against the merchant directory which minimizes errors in payment processing and posting.
  • Support for single sign-on – on web and IVR, enabling cardholders to seamlessly go from a card services portal to the bill pay service.
  • Multi-device – Support for web, voice, and mobile devices, enabling cardholders to make payments or check payment status even when they don’t own a computer.
  • Multi-lingual – Supports webpages and voice recognition in English and Spanish, enabling higher adoption.
  • Fast integration – Aliaswire has a tried and tested methodology to quickly integrate to prepaid program managers’ or processors’ infrastructure securely.
  • Software as a service – Secure multiple site redundant operation to enable 24x7x365 operations.
  • CSR interface – Customer service staff has the ability to view payees and payments and make on-behalf payments as required.
  • Reports and audit – Rich set of real time reports enabling card program managers and processors to analyze cardholder usage, provide transactional level support, and reconcile transactions.


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