Flexible Payment Processing Capabilities
That Are Easy To Implement

Aliaswire Transaction Services (ATS) takes Aliaswire’s high efficiency payment processing capabilities and packages it into a flexible, easy to implement set of web services that can be quickly integrated into existing payment and disbursement systems.

Add the performance and cost benefits of ACH, credit, and debit processing to your existing system framework with minimal disruption, and maximum transparency. With ATS, developers can integrate within the transaction pipeline using Aliaswire’s proven web services approach where each transaction is routed to ATS in real-time, validated, approved and held until released for final processing and settlement.

ATS Features

  • Process Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, and Discover card transactions
  • Process ACH transactions.
  • Process Debit Network Transactions – Support for debit and credit transactions through all major networks, including STAR, NYCE, and Pulse networks yield greater than 95% coverage of debit transactions.
  • Flexible Workflow Configuration – Full support for initial qualification of transactions, transaction settlement, full or partial reversal, refunds, and exception processes including charge-backs.
  • Real-Time Transaction Qualification – Real-time transaction qualification against account- and bin-level blacklist optimizes throughput and end-customer experience.
  • Multiple Integration Points – Transaction integration at the user interface via secure browser API’s , or by transaction pipeline integration via web-services.
  • Customer Care and Reporting – Configurable multi-role back office application to support customer service activities and management activities including data export for reporting and analytics.
  • Daily Settlement – Daily settlement provides fast access to funds and comprehensive reporting on all transactions.
  • High Throughput – Benchmarked and tuned to achieve high volume throughput and rapid response
  • Security and Reliability – Compliant with highest industry standards for security and reliability


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