Achieving NextGen EBPP: ‘Putting the “Tech” into FinTech’

 ‘As the business climate for financial institutions continues to be more challenging, the many opportunities and advantages of digital banking are becoming more evident. FIs are getting left behind and losing clients to a new generation of FinTechs. FinTechs that are filling a need that many banks are not able to provide. However, banks are beginning to realize the benefits made possible by partnering with technology vendors to compete. Aliaswire’s ‘Putting the “Tech” into FinTech’ provides insights into how FIs can partner with technology providers to compete, and win, against so-called FinTechs.

Conversational Payments: Giving Rise to NextGen Integrated Receivables and Bill Pay 

The evolution of the Integrated Receivables and Bill Pay market is at an inflection point as it expands beyond its roots in mail, telephone, and online banking and extends into voice-activated commands. Learn how conversational payments gives billers a strong competitive advantage.

Breaking Barriers: The Merging of Issuing and Acquiring 

Pricing for merchant services has become extremely competitive in the last few years. Merchant pricing awareness has shifted the market pricing away from complex multi-tiered pricing to simpler “Cost Plus” or “Pass Through” or “Interchange Plus” pricing. Now, Interchange Plus pricing, has become competitive as well with some merchants in competitive markets paying Interchange + 0bps, creating significant margin compression for ISOs and Acquirers..

Channel Partner Guide 

Most banks, technology companies, and other types of channel partners already have an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) partnership. But many channel partners will realize upon examination that they could be served better by switching to a new partner. If you’re considering the switch to a provider that gives you access to the most innovative payment services on the market and the ability to white-label those solutions for reselling, you may be curious about what your new partnership should entail. Our whitepaper addresses what to look for in an EBPP partnership.

Property Management/HOA eBook

Collecting HOA payments online may seem like a large step, but it can help HOAs receive more on-time payments and eliminate the burden of paper checks. Learn how electronic payment solutions can help Property Managers and HOA’s.

Benefits of Working with a Platform Provider

When their payers have choices, Billers stand a better chance of receiving payments in a timely manner or through convenient digital channels, which process faster and are more secure than traditional paper ones. Download our whitepaper to learn why processing online payments through a Biller Platform is beneficial.