Welcome to Aliaswire. Founded in 2005, Aliaswire has quickly and quietly emerged as a payment solutions provider that brings a unique vision to the marketplace. Through unique and innovative technology, we lead the payment processing industry in the development and operation of highly convenient, reliable, and secure systems for transacting payments.

Payments Unbound

Our highly scalable platform processes payment transactions originated by consumers or businesses while providing unparalleled configurability. Our Payments Unbound vision features, scalability, reliability, security, and configurability that are not limited by design constraints, but are instead empowered by our Platform as a Service (PaaS) design. This platform's robust web services-based design allows consumers and businesses to use web, voice, or wireless channels to initiate and track payments. In addition, the platform's flexible gateway architecture allows integration to a financial institution's own processing environment or to payment processing networks, including ACH, NYCE, STAR, and MasterCard RPPS. Payments Unbound means that consumers and business alike can chose the payment and remittance processing that meets their needs.

DirectBiller Enterprise

DirectBiller® Enterprise is Aliaswire’s flagship 4th generation biller platform. DirectBiller offers businesses of all sizes the ability to efficiently manage their accounts receivable process from invoicing through collection.

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DirectBiller Channel

DirectBiller® Channel is Aliaswire's flagship Billing Service Provider solution. DirectBiller is the only true billing and payments 'Platform as a Service' offering, providing the quickest onboarding process and most comprehensive white-label environment.

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Features - DirectBiller

Check out the features that make Aliaswire solutions the industry-leading solutions provider 


Not only are traditional ACH and credit/ debit card payments supported through DirectBiller’s gateways, but advanced payment options like Transcentives™ are also available. 

Reseller Empowered

Full onboarding, implementation, and custom configuration of business logic for billers is all available to white label resellers without any assistance from Aliaswire. 

User Profiles and Alerts

DirectBiller’s powerful feature set isn’t limited to billers or resellers; Aliaswire has integrated a rich, complete user experience including key self-care features. 


Flexible import options allow billers to present their billing and invoice information through multiple channels that include web, IVR, mobile, and web services. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

To ensure the highest reliability and security while still being able to offer a robust feature set, Aliaswire deploys DirectBiller in the cloud as a complete PaaS solution. 

Unbound Connectivity

DirectBiller’s web, IVR, mobile, in-person and  web services offer access through any interface and system desired. 

Enterprise Enabled

Unmatched capabilities for custom rules and programmable logic while maintaining a common code base allows DirectBiller to service billers of all sizes. 

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