Next-Gen Integrated Receivables and Bill Pay

A fully customizable, out-of-the box solution, DirectBiller  gives businesses the freedom, control, and cost savings to easily achieve their EBPP/EIPP payment strategy.

White-Label / Customizable

Scalable, Repeatable

Bank Level Security

Integrated Treasury Management

Enterprise Class Payments For Any Size Enterprise

Every sized business deserves the very best platform and partner for managing their payments. DirectBiller’s advanced processing platform and APIs orchestrate and manage the complexities of bill presentment and payment to deliver a transformed experience. 

DirectBiller Integrated Recievables Invoice-to-Cash Cycle Experience


Invoice/Bill Management

Payment Configuration

Payment Workflow Management

CSR Management

Payer Management

Recurring Payments Schedular

IVR Management


File Management

Audit logs

Payment Admin

Channel Admin

DirectBiller optimizes EIPP/EBPP operations and provides greater transparency to give billers greater control, faster access to working capital and the ability to reallocate resources. DirectBiller empowers businesses of every size and scales intelligently, while allowing you to compete more effectively, deliver maximum value, and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel User Experience

DirectBiller is optimized with remote design functionality for use with smartphones and Internet enabled devices to increase engagement and give payers the convenience and flexibility they expect to pay bills anytime and anywhere. DirectBiller’s branded and simple to use online service pages offers payers an easy way to view, pay and manage their bill pay experience.  The online payment experience offers an affordable way to build relationships and deliver payers an improved experience.

DirectBiller’s email delivery notification provides alerts and detailed billing information rapidly and efficiently into payers’ email inboxes. Email gives you the ability to present additional information and incentives to build stronger relationships with your customer base.
SMS text messaging easily delivers reminders to payers and allows them to instantly make payments from the convenience of their phones. The efficiency factor of text messaging in today’s mobile world influences positive payment behaviors and the use of digital payments.
DirectBiller’s IVR (interactive voice response) offers improved payer convenience and lowers customer management support cost. Payers can receive voice prompts, respond to payment information and make payments in an easy to follow process. 
DirectBiller  offers the ability for billers to establish simple single or one-time payments without the need for username/passwords or ongoing commitments. This payment method is excellent for direct purchases, trials, and rapid cash exchanges for a service offered.  

DirectBiller makes scheduling recurring payments simple. This popular method of bill pay allows payers to easily schedule and  cover monthly expenses like gym memberships, daycare and service fees. Recurring payments provides payers with a valuable convenience factor and ensures you will get be paid on time.       

DirectBiller’s powerful application program interface (API) enables you to outsource your billing processes and maintain complete control of the payer experience. Gain access to secure, innovative and feature-rich payment solutions and quickly innovate a payment experience that transforms your business. Our APIs give you the ability to deliver the desired payment experience you want to achieve.  

The DirectBiller Advantage

The overarching objective of every biller is to increase cash flow and lower operating costs.  Watch our video to see how DirectBiller orchestrates the complexities of managing pro-active bill payment and presentment processes.  Offering a robust multi-channel experience, the platform allows you to provide customers with the personalized experience they expect when paying bills.  

Stand Apart – Offer The Most Optimized EBPP Solution

Leverage proven technology, infrastructure and expertise by reselling DirectBiller as your own and enhance your commercial bill presentment and payment service. Let Aliaswire help you drive more revenue, meet  industry needs and operational requirements, and build and strengthen your treasury and corporate relationships.