Small Business Credit Cards Present a Unique Revenue Approach for Card Issuers


The small business market in the United States is vast, yet a lot of these businesses struggle to access the financial services they need. In response to cash flow issues and other financial challenges, small business owners are forced to make decisions that directly, negatively impact not only the businesses themselves, but the owners’ personal financial situations.

Many of these challenges could be fixed with improved access to small business credit cards. However, card issuers are understandably hesitant to approve card applications from potentially risky merchants. Even so, the small business card market presents unique revenue opportunities for issuers—and these opportunities should not be ignored.

To dig deeper into how organizations can run a successful small business issuance program and a risk-free way to do just that, Mercator Advisory Group and Aliaswire teamed up to host a webinar: Small Business Card Opportunities: A Unique Revenue Approach. The presenters were Brian Riley, Director of the Credit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group, and Eugene DeSilva, PayVus Head of Product at Aliaswire.

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